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Fraser had always found the Queen's bedroom an overstated extravagance. Its furnishings were too large, too overbearing. The huge bed and its mounds of frothy lace dwarfed anyone who had the misfortune of standing next to it. Turnbull had loved this room -- Fraser hated it.

Until now.

The bed didn't dwarf Lex. Instead, it seemed to be just the right size. There was ample room for both of them to stretch out and once Lex had divested him of his uniform and stripped as well, they took advantage of the space.

Lying side by side, Fraser watched as Lex's fingers traced the scars on his upper chest. Lex didn't ask questions about them. In fact, he hadn't said a single word since issuing his unusual invitation.

Instead Lex touched him. Touched his face, gliding those long fingers through his hair, smoothing a palm across his shoulders, skimming over the bandages. When he started to speak, those fingers were back, pressed against his lips and Fraser took them in, sucking on them.

Lex smiled, shifting closer and spurring Fraser to greater heights with a gentle roll of hips and the nearly-forgotten sensation of a penis other than his own sliding against his skin. Moaning, Fraser sucked harder. His head lifted, following Lex's fingers as they were pulled away, only to be replaced with a mouth.

Soft kisses, much softer than he would've ever expected. Lex coaxed, rather than demanded, the gentle play drawing an even deeper response. When Fraser rolled toward him, Lex eased over onto his back, his legs opening along with his mouth. Fraser pushed against him, shifting, sliding until they were lined up.

It would be so easy. Skin to skin. A simple rut, just as Diefenbaker had suggested. Something to ease the tension.

But Fraser wanted more.

Rising to his hands and knees, Fraser glanced down. There were hills and valleys that begged to be explored, flat planes wherein he could lose himself for hours. A smattering of freckles caught his eye and he followed their path across Lex's chest with his fingertips.

Supremely unselfconscious, Lex propped himself up on his elbows and waited. His eyebrows ticked a little higher as Fraser shifted toward the foot of the bed but still he said nothing. He merely laid back, the pillows cradling his shoulders as he reached down, sinking his fingers into Fraser's hair and letting them rest there. Neither leading nor following, simply holding on.

Fraser indulged himself. Scent first -- rich and musky, the faint traces of Lex's more than pleasant cologne in complete harmony with the natural bouquet. Texture came next, the sensation proving irresistible as he rubbed his face in the crease between hip and thigh. The surface was warm and perfectly smooth, as smooth as Lex's cheek, as smooth as the curve of his scalp. Slickness painted Fraser's jaw, a gentle push from below spreading it further over his skin.

Turning his head, Fraser licked and Lex moaned. The fingers in his hair tightened, nails digging briefly into his scalp and leaving a tingling sensation in their wake. Fraser licked again, chasing salt and bitterness to its wellspring. Opening his mouth, he savored the slow glide past his teeth, the weight and warmth on his tongue.

Too long, it had been too long.

"God... Ben."

Fraser let his head drop, pushing down until his nose was pressed against Lex's stomach. The emptiness that had spurred him to accept Lex's offer was gone, its hollow echo replaced by this. This was life -- full and replete -- its joyous pulse thrumming against the roof of his mouth. He held it there, memorizing every detail until breathing became difficult and the urge to swallow imperative. Lex jerked when he did so, adding more sounds to the ones Fraser was making on his own.

Propping himself on one hand, Fraser reached down to give himself some relief.

"Wait," The hands on his head lifted him away and Fraser gasped, drawing in much needed air. Lex pushed, rolling him onto his back. Lex's hand wrapped around his penis, expertly peeling back the foreskin. "Let me do that for you."

"I'm.... I won't last."

"I wasn't aware this was a contest."

"My refractory period isn't what it once was."

"Relax. We have all night." Lex said, his hand gliding up and then down again.

The amount of pressure was perfect, the sinuous movement hypnotic and in its wake, Fraser abandoned all of hope of control. When Lex leaned forward, Fraser gasped and when that marvelous mouth enveloped him, he reveled in it. The concert of lips and tongue, the depth to which he was taken, the hand that cupped and teased and caressed, damp fingers pressing in, breaching with consummate grace.

Sybaritic pleasure of this magnitude should be savored, but he'd been without for so long that greed raced to the fore. Three sharp, staccato thrusts and he was tumbling over the brink without a thought as to where he might land.

When sensibility finally returned, Fraser found himself sprawled across the bed, panting for breath.

"I'm impressed," Lex murmured, his fingertips skating around the rapidly cooling puddle on Fraser's upper chest.

"It's been... quite some time."

"That's hard to believe, but then again, casual sex isn't your style, is it?"

Still barely able to speak, Fraser shook his head.

"I didn't think so." The corner of Lex's mouth lifted, quirking into a half-smile. "Indulge my curiosity -- how long has it been?"

"Ah... solitary pursuits or with someone else?"

"With someone else."

"Which gender?"

"Surprise me."

"Eleven years."

Lex's smile deepened, "Good."

The reason for that smile became readily apparent when Lex licked his own fingers, then the palm of his hand. With eyes half-closed, he leaned in.

The warm brush of tongue on his throat was Fraser's undoing. He reached out, one hand spanning the naked curve of Lex's head, pulling down when he found pushing up into each of those broad strokes too uncomfortable.

There was no complaint about the cavalier treatment.

Lex simply continued to lick him clean, chasing each drop with the same single-minded focus that Lex had exhibited throughout the evening. When there was apparently nothing left to savor, Lex shifted until he hovered above Fraser. Lowering himself by degrees, he pressed his damp mouth against Fraser's, sharing the taste.

The combination of their flavors was intoxicating, a subtle blend that Fraser had to investigate, categorize and after sufficient study, be able to duplicate. Seeking more, Fraser flipped Lex over onto his back, feeding from him.

The deep kisses did not satisfy -- they only left him wanting.

Grasping, pushing, pulling, Fraser worked his way down Lex's body, marking the fair skin with his teeth. Each successive taste made him all the more ravenous. Lex encouraged his predatory instinct by rising into the bites, gasping his name and thrusting against his thigh and stomach. They wrestled, rolling until Fraser had Lex firmly pinned, his hands on Lex's wrists as he dropped down between Lex's legs.

"Ah! God!" Lex cried out, his body bowing when Fraser sucked him in with one powerful lunge. His heels dug into the bed, forcing his hips up to meet each downward stroke. Fraser held him in place, anticipating every twist and turn -- driving Lex relentlessly toward a fast, hard climax.

There it was. That pulse, the deep throb that heralded the end and Fraser moaned, eager for his reward.

A reward which he did not receive. At the last moment possible, Lex broke free, grasped his hair and pulled his head up. A hot splash struck Fraser's chin, more of them dotting Lex's stomach and chest and all he could do was watch. He strained forward, trying desperately to catch the final drops but Lex held him fast.

"No... Ben...." Lex panted, his grip in Fraser's hair tightening as Fraser persisted.


"It's not safe."

"Oh," Fraser said, the fight going out of him. He hadn't considered that possibility. When Lex's grip finally loosened, he coughed, clearing his throat. "Are you.... Oh dear.... Have you tested positive?"

"No." Lex replied, shaking his head. "But we shouldn't take the chance."


Thankful for Lex's caution, he watched as Lex rubbed the detritus into fair skin that gleamed in the dim light. He'd been ill-prepared for this encounter and quite foolhardy in his pursuit of pleasure.

The problem would be difficult to remedy as it was very late in the evening, bordering on midnight. He'd have to travel some distance to obtain the necessary items. And there was the matter of deserting his post. Until Lex's new bodyguards arrived from Metropolis, it wasn't safe for Lex to leave the Consulate, therefore taking Lex along was not an option.

"Ben... that was incredible and there's nothing I'd rather let you do, but I won't risk it." Lex sat up slowly, propping himself on his elbows. "You saved my life and I won't endanger yours. But there are other things we can do."

Fraser scrubbed at his eyebrow. Of course there were other activities they could engage in safely. Frottage, for example, involved a minimum of risk. As did intercrucial penetration, though he doubted his ability to remain on his side long enough for either of them to achieve satisfaction.

Neither of those were his preference, but beggars could not be choosers.

"If you want to stop now...."

The time to ponder alternatives had expired. Before Lex backed out completely, he'd better admit to his own shortcomings. "I don't have the necessary supplies."

Lex smirked, then slid his hand under several of the pillows. A moment later, he produced a handful of condoms and a small bottle of what appeared to be personal lubricant. "I think I've got that covered."

"Ah, I see. Yet more contraband you were able to smuggle in."

"Mmmm-hmmm. Next time I'll insist you be the one to search me."

"Well, in the interest of international relations, that would probably be best." Fraser read the label on the bottle. Astroglide -- a fine choice considering the condoms were latex, but not commonly needed if one's intended partners were female. "Although, I'm surprised by the variety of items you've managed to produce as well as the... ah, skills exhibited. Might I inquire as to...."

"Six years of boarding school," Lex replied. "And you?"

"The Depot had its... moments."

"I'll bet." Lounging on the pillows, Lex nudged Fraser with his foot. "Before we put our combined skills to the test again, I think some reconnaissance is in order. Tell me, Ben, how much trouble would you be in if we raided the kitchen?"

"Not very much." Fraser said as he rolled to the edge of the bed. With a wince, he reached for his discarded Henley. "As you are, after all, an invited guest, it's my duty to make certain that your needs are met."

"Oh, I have no doubt of that. Here, let me help you."


After sharing a light meal in the kitchen, Lex led Fraser back to bed. And with a little coaxing, the concern about Fraser's refractory period proved unfounded.

Kneeling astride, Lex eased back, enjoying the slow burn. This particular craving hadn't been appeased since his Club Zero days and there was a lot more here than his previous partners had ever brought to the table.

In the uniform, Benton Fraser was beautiful but remote. Wrapped up in protocol and crippled by politeness -- a slave to his duty.

Out of the uniform, he was a slave to his desires.

Desires which Lex had every intention of fulfilling. Starting with this one.

As kinks went, it was pure vanilla. Fraser's hands were above his head, his wrists crossed and firmly lashed together with something he'd called a lanyard. The tail end of it was woven through the headboard, securing him in place. Not very adventurous, but the visual it presented was delicious. The mouth he'd spent the majority of the evening fantasizing about hung open, the eyes half-closed but watching avidly as he sunk even lower.

Fraser had suggested using a restraint when it became clear after their first attempt that he couldn't stay put without it. Being on top had proved too uncomfortable and when Lex pointed out that lying on his back would be even more so, Fraser explained his discomfort came from a lack of support, rather than pressure on bruised skin.

Fraser presented such a convincing argument that Lex found himself agreeing without further rebuttal. Instead, he retrieved the cord from the floor and tied the knots at Fraser's direction, the silken line gliding through his fingers like water.

As Lex worked, Fraser had volunteered to bottom, although not directly. He came at it sideways, flushing bright scarlet and stumbling over word choices for so long Lex almost needed a translation for what was on offer. Incredibly amused by the fact that Fraser could suggest bondage without blinking an eye, but couldn't ask to be fucked without a rambling dissertation on Grecian history and social structure, Lex finally put him out of his misery with a kiss.

While he'd been severely tempted by Fraser's offer, it wasn't what Lex wanted. That avenue of delight could be explored with any number of partners.

For this, he specifically needed a man.

And the one he wanted was Benton Fraser.

Sweat trickled from the hollow of Fraser's throat to his chest, soaking into the bandage. Rocking up onto his knees, Lex pushed down and was rewarded by a moan. The burn was gone, replaced by fullness and that far too rare feeling of being possessed. Rising up slowly, Lex sank down even farther -- the angle was almost right.

Beneath him, Fraser shifted and at the nadir of his next languid slide, Lex felt what he'd been seeking. The white-hot rush shot through him and this time he rose faster, falling back even quicker to regain that sensation. Another movement from below and Lex reached down, wrapping his hand around his cock and squeezing.

Fraser caught his lower lip between his teeth and pushed up while Lex descended, meeting him halfway. That motion was repeated as Fraser matched Lex's thrust with one of his own. Their pace accelerated, making Lex gasp and Fraser pull against his restraints. The bed shook, pillows falling to the floor as they moved faster and faster.

Lex's head fell back, his hand tightening around his cock, legs tightening around Fraser's hips, his whole body tightening as he came. Fraser thrashed, jarring Lex with several hard thrusts, before falling back to the bed with eyes closed and a bead of blood welling on his bottom lip.

Panting, Lex braced himself on his elbows. The ride had been shorter than planned, but beyond that he had no complaints. He leaned forward, licking the drop of blood away and murmuring his approval against Fraser's mouth.

They laid there, sharing breath. Finally, Lex sat up, stretching languidly as he reached for Fraser's wrists.

Fraser shook his head, "Not yet."

"All right. Tell me when."

"When we're done." Fraser responded before planting his feet flat on the bed, raising his knees.

Curious as to what came next, Lex leaned back against Fraser's thighs and in doing so, understood what Fraser meant. There were no signs of flagging; Fraser remained as hard as he'd been when they started. It was possible that he hadn't come yet. "Again, I'm impressed."

"Good." Fraser said, his hips rising from the bed. "Shall we?"

"By all means," Lex answered.

He'd be sore tomorrow morning, but it would be worth it. As Fraser's next thrust had him seeing stars, Lex grinned. Yes, it would certainly be worth it.


Finally spent, Fraser sprawled beside Lex, enjoying a moment of contented silence. This was by far the most satisfactory sexual encounter of his life. His furtive fumblings at the Depot and even the few hours he'd spent in Victoria's arms paled in comparison. There was something to be said for an experienced partner, especially one whose goals were entirely carnal.

Sleep hovered, threatening to pull him under but Fraser was determined to put up a valiant resistance to its charms. He didn't want the idyll to come to its unavoidable end and if there were any means he could employ to stave off its demise, he would gladly use them.

So, instead of drifting off as nature intended, he propped himself up on a mound of pillows rescued from the floor and entertained Lex with the tale of his first day spent in the company of Ray Kowalski. To his delight, Lex remained wide awake throughout the narrative, laughing at his efforts to obtain conclusive proof that he hadn't developed a large hole in his bag of marbles, and commiserating over the loss of Ray Vecchio's beloved Buick Riviera.

At the end of the story, Lex shook his head and asked, "So do you think they gave him the assignment because his name was Ray, or was that serendipity?"

"Actually, Ray's his middle name." Fraser rubbed at his wrists, the redness had almost faded away. His lanyard was coiled neatly on the nightstand, but he'd never wear it with his uniform again. Instead, he'd tuck it away in his box of mementos -- next to Diefenbaker's tags, perhaps.

Yes, that would be the right place.

"What's his first name?" When Fraser didn't answer immediately, Lex turned to look at him with eyebrows raised.

Oh, dear.

Well, considering Ray's earlier commentary about Lex's unfortunate choice of a diminutive, turnabout was fair play. Nodding to himself, Fraser replied, "Stanley."

Lex leaned back against the headboard, his eyes twinkling. "You must be joking."

"No, I'm quite serious. Apparently his father was a great fan of Marlon Brando."

"Stanley Kowalski. Poor kid." Running his hand up over the top of his head, Lex chuckled. "That must've made for an interesting childhood."

"Yes," Fraser agreed. The smooth glide of Lex's hand from forehead to nape left him wondering what sort of childhood Lex had experienced. Probably not a very happy one. "A most unfortunate choice in names -- especially if you then take into consideration the woman he pursued throughout high school and then married."

"Oh. God. Don't tell me." Lex stared at Fraser, "He married someone named Stella?"

Fraser nodded and Lex buried his face in a pillow, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

It went on for quite some time and Fraser barely resisted the urge to join in. When Lex emerged again, his face was bright pink, a much more dignified color than Fraser's usual flush of embarrassment. "I don't believe this. I've stumbled into a Tennessee Williams play."

"Yes, it feels like that on occasion."

"Well, better Streetcar than Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. That's the one that always hit a little too close to home."

Sobering, Lex looked up at the ceiling, his left hand rubbing at a faint scar on his chest. There were two such marks equidistant from one another and exactly the same in size. Too uniform to be anything other than deliberately made -- the remnants of unusual piercings, perhaps? "Fortunately for me, Big Daddy's rotting in prison instead of rotting away inside."

"You... have my sympathy."

"There's no need, Ben. He got exactly what he deserved." Slowly, Lex turned his head until he was looking at Fraser. "Would you like to know what went through my head as they led him away?"

"Yes, I would."

"That I was finally safe. For the first time in my life, I didn't have to watch my back." Lifting Fraser's hand, Lex placed it on one of the marks he'd been rubbing. "Allow me to satisfy your curiosity. Shunts -- they were removed last month."

"Shunts -- from dialysis?"

"Yes. Every two hours, for eight months. It took that long for my body to neutralize the toxins."

"Toxins. Were you poisoned?"

"Yes, a cocktail of strychnine and cyanide, with a touch of benzine added for that extra punch. Luthors don't believe in half-measures."

Appalled by both the list of ingredients and the inference that a member of Lex's family had been responsible, Fraser ran his fingertips over the scars. They were smooth and lighter than the surrounding skin; he could feel Lex's pulse under each -- steady and strong. "How was it administered?"

"In my brandy."

"And you believe it was the work of your father?"

"I know it was." Lex rolled toward Fraser, propping himself up on one elbow. "I just couldn't prove it."

"You're lucky to have survived."

"Yes, I was. Dad doesn't fail very often."

"I'm grateful that he did."

"So am I." Leaning forward, Lex kissed him, effectively putting an end to the conversation.


Too tired to engage in anything more vigorous than a few kisses, they conceded to fatigue, slid beneath the covers and settled down to sleep. And once Fraser was certain that Lex's deepened breaths were constant and even, he arose from the bed and after pulling on his boxers, padded into an adjacent room.

Dialing the number, he speculated on which Detective in the Violent Crimes Division would answer. At this hour, Ray was already home and abed, but there were a few members of the graveyard shift whom Fraser knew quite well.

"Violent Crimes, Detective Besbriss speaking."

"Elaine, just the person I was hoping to reach."

"Fraser? What on Earth are you doing still up? Wait. Let me guess. You've got a lead on what happened, right?"

"Yes. I believe I do."

"Let me get... hold on." He could hear her shuffling papers, and he leaned against the table, waiting. "Okay, I'm ready now."

"Lionel Luthor."

"Uh-huh, the guy's father, right? But isn't he in prison?"

"Yes, but that does not preclude his involvement. He's a very wealthy man..."

"And money talks, especially behind bars. Okay, Fraser, I'll get on it. How deep do you want me to go?"

"All visitors and all phone calls from the moment of his incarceration. You should check other venues as well -- prisoners recently released, the guards, other employees -- if he's had access to any form of outside communication, then he's had opportunity. I have reason to believe he holds his son responsible for his fall from grace and therefore...."

"He's got motive. Okay, Fraser, I'll start digging. I'll let you know if we find anything."

"Thank you kindly."


Setting the phone back into its cradle, Fraser considered returning to his office. Other members of the Consulate staff would be arriving in a few hours. It would be best to avoid the potential for embarrassment should he oversleep.

Perhaps he should leave a note.


Lex was leaning in the open doorway, gloriously naked. "Coming back to bed?"

Well... at his age, he could afford a little embarrassment.

"As you wish," Fraser replied.


Part 4
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